The king of fruit, durian with 7cake® mille crêpes is going to amaze you by its unique scent,...

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Handmade twenty paper-thin mille crêpes with ethereal light pastry cream, melt in your mouth leaving a subtle sweet finish -...

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Belgium dark chocolate and banana, a marriage of two classic flavors seamlessly infused into 7cake® mille crêpes - 產自比利時布魯塞爾的85%醇黑巧克力,香蕉,兩種經典味道,碰撞與融合

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Less ingredient, less sugar, almost everything is about to represent the pure flavor of cream - 更少食材,更少糖,幾乎一切圍繞如何呈現淡奶油的原始味道

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The durian fruit bears the weight of its sins on the outside, in the form of its malodorous...

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Just Bailey's, light cream and mille crêpes. The flavor may be velvety subtle, but the chemistry is like...

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The light natural peach flavor comes from peach trees into cakes. A peaceful medley of soft peach and...



Chocolate masterpiece with golden mirror, purer and deeper in flavor - 純金淋面獨一無二,巧克力藝術品,精確配比,更純粹,更深層次的味道

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Thick dark chocolate and rich fruity Kirsch (cherry spirit) are locked in a Pandora’s Box of plump cake...

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Balance between cool and hot. Fresh cream mousse smoothed overlying on baked Hokkaido cheese, cooled down till 4...

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KYOTO (Spring Limited)

It is officially spring, the cherry blossom season! KYOTO is here to light up an keep the most...



Slices of naturally matured  golden mango and fresh cream inside each layer of chewy yet tender mille crêpes...

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