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Inspired by the well-known Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, 7cake creatively upgrades the classic strawberry shortcake to a next level. House-made whipped cream with layers of strawberry purée jelly and chiffon cake; our top-picked strawberries are going to freshen up your summer. 重塑經典草莓奶油蛋糕,造型靈感源自日本藝術家草間彌生。無盡波點圖案的背後蘊藏著她眼裡的宇宙。堅持使用純乳脂奶油,精心挑選的新鮮草莓,新增草莓果凍夾層。夏天,就該和草莓兩情相悅。


  • 13*13CM
  • 2~5PPL
  • 7HRS

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