Year of Tiger Set - 7cake®糖虎芦 x Bean House®平安喜乐 · 豆糕 Preorder

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This set comes with a 1.5lb 糖虎芦 7cake® cream cake and a box(12pcs) of Bean Cake from Bean House®.

The bean cake box contains 4 pieces of each flavour as below:

  • Taro Filling Red Kidney Bean Cake 🔴
  • Adzuki Bean Filling Green Pea Cake 🟢
  • Apple Pie Red Lentil Cake 🍎

糖虎芦: The traditional Chinese Spring Festival is always the most memorable holiday all through the year. This year let's make it rock. Handmade sugar-coated fruits on top of Strawberry and Raspberry cream cake will bring you back to the old time celebrating and getting together with families and friends. 

平安喜乐 · Bean Cake: Using 100% beans locally grown in North America, Duke Barrie Canada Inc. introduces a variety of delicious and nutritious Pang’s Bean Cake to you. 

Designed for modern life style with enhanced health benefits, Pang’s Bean Cake is gluten free and low in sugar while amazingly delicious. Easily melting in your mouth with rich and lasting bean flavor, Pang’s Bean Cake is a healthy slice of life for all ages.


Please note: the fulfillment of this set is from Jan. 29 to Feb. 2, 2022 ONLY. 

The sugar coat is easily melting overnight. The cake toppers will be randomly drawn to be decorated on cake.

Bean Cake needs to be stored at fridge overnight.