About Us



7cake® develops the first brand new vertical e-commerce platform for customers to order premium cakes online.
7cake® is dedicated to creating finest and freshest cakes for Canadians. All the cakes are made with the finest ingredients following its own recipe and unique design to provide the highest quality and taste.
7cake® has always been innovative in the taste, appearance as well as the way to light up each of the moment in each of the customer's life. 7cake® believes taste and time will witness the art of word of mouth.


 "The soul weighs 21 grams, love weighs 7 grams, which is 1/3 of the soul."
1 gram of support
1 gram of memory
I gram of praying for you
1 gram of beyond all doubt
1 gram of not forgetting 
1 gram of never leaving

Love weighs 7 grams, 7cake® is love.