7cake®, as one of the leading high-end pastry brands in Greater Toronto Area.

We help corporate clients to build a customer relationship, engage employees, elevate corporate event experience through orders by delivering the best-in-class desserts & cakes.


Dear Corporate Clients,

Welcome to register for the 7cake® free Corporate Tasting Event (does not include non-corporate private gathering events).


    1. Your company/group has never participated in any 7cake® free Corporate Tasting Event.
    2. Your company/group has a minimum number of 7 participants for hosting a Corporate Tasting Event.
    3.  All the participants need to be presented in the event; all of the cake tastings need to be done on-site.
    4.  Your company/group is responsible for providing the venue, such as the corporate resting room, common area, conference room, etc., for the Corporate Tasting Event.
    5.  For any other conditions, please kindly reach out to us.


Not all applications will be approved. 7cake® reserves the right of selecting the candidate. We will contact you within the next 7 business days for confirmation. Thank you for your interests in 7cake®.