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First snow is a magical moment. The white, soft and quiet snow falls on Namsan is as pure as an eternal promise of love - silent yet romantic. The combination of snowy mousse cake made with French coconut purée and passion fruit jelly filled symbolizes the vow. This Christmas, shall we meet at Namsan Tower...來自初雪時,南山塔下的浪漫永恒約定。外表冷若冰霜,內心卻有著熱烈浪潮。濃郁熱情果帶來的酸甜果凍,法國椰蓉制成的濃醇慕斯,搭配上一抹暖紅色調的戚風蛋糕。這個聖誕,我們在南山塔見吧...

  • 20*20CM
  • 6~10PPL
  • 6HRS