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A midsummer night's dream comes true.  Dices of juicy pineapple to quench your thirst; the smoothness of French pineapple mousse harmonizes with the richness of coconut milk layer. The tropical blend of pineapple and coconut highlights the summer vibe while cooling the heatwaves.  法國菠蘿蓉慕斯入口即化,新鲜菠蘿果粒汁水飽滿;中和了濃烈椰香奶凍和椰蓉達克瓦茲的熾熱。兩個來自熱帶的水果橫跨大洋碰撞產生的熱烈火花,也許是上帝的安排也說不定....

  • 19*19CM
  • 6~9PPL
  • 6HRS