Signature Combo

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Morning Bread Combo 完美早晨面包组合装 + 2 Pcs Egg Yolk & Tea Pastry 龙井蛋黄酥+ 2 Pcs 葱香肉松小宝+ 3 pcs Japanese Cheesecake半熟芝士+ Japanese Roll Cake Bento Box鲜果生乳卷便当 for just $39.99

Morning Bread Combo 完美早晨面包组合装:

1 Almond Croissant 法式杏仁可颂

1 Bacon Egg Salad 熏肉鸡蛋沙拉

1 Classic Sausage 经典肠仔面包

1 Pork Floss 肉松面包

1 Crispy Napoleon 拿破仑脆脆

1 Pineapple Bun 经典菠萝包

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