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Limited Edition - 77 boxes only; available between 8.16 - 8.18

The Secret Garden flower box symbolizes different phases of love:

Phase 1: Lavender and Purple yam - Devotion
Phase 2: Cherry Blossom and matcha - Honeymoon
Phase 3: Rose and Roselle - Disillusionment and Balance
Phase 4: Jasmine and Pear -  Commitment

Real roses in the Secret Garden speak of love in a language known only to the heart; be expressive in love with the language of flowers

馥郁的薰衣草香氣與紫心番薯的神秘交融,日式和風櫻花攜著抹茶慕斯驚喜回歸,手工萃取的洛神花茶混入玫瑰奶凍,盈白如珠的茉莉融入清甜的雪梨果肉。四種花香,代表著愛情的四種不同階段: 尋找愛情,青澀初戀,真摯熱戀以及堅貞之愛。原來,你就是我的秘密花園...